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Experience The IslandAloha Style

There is no better way to explore everything the North Shore has to offer than with our unique buggies. We offer the premier way to see the island in style. You can hit historic Haleiwa town for some shopping and shaved ice, check out the world famous surfing waves, or even hit some of the areas off road trails. Your adventure awaits so don’t delay.

Which Buggy Will You Rent?

Gas Dune Buggy Vehicles

Looking for a vehicle that has the flexibility to be a street driver but yet master the off-road trails? Enjoy the rush you get from driving a 5 speed manual transmission? Then these dune buggies are perfect for you. Currently you may choose an Orange or Red (view the pictures and videos)dune buggy, but no matter the color, it is sure to turn heads.

Electric Hummer Vehicles

These are not your typical Electric vehicles, in fact, Aloha Dune Buggy's Electric Hummers will beat most cars off the line. With a full sound system (bluetooth ready), built in cooler and an easy to operate and drive demeanor, our Hummers are sure to please. If you can drive a car, you can drive one of these.

Our current line up consists of an Ocean Blue or Mystic Red color (view the pictures and videos) and a full charge will last up to 80 miles...depending on driving habits.

Before You Arrive, Please Review

All drivers must wear close toed shoes.

All rentals will be charged $15 for insurance and a $3 rental surcharge fee mandated by the state. This fee will be added to your reservation at checkout.

All drivers must be 25 years or older and bring a non expired, valid drivers license.

Renter must pay with a debit or credit card that matches their drivers license.

If applicable, you must be able to operate a 5 speed manual transmission.

All passengers must be able to ride without the need for a car seat.

Upgrades To Consider For Your Rental

We offer go pro’s, surfboards, snorkel gear and premium sound systems, and a map of our favorite spots to stop on your way around town.

What We Offer

see what makes our buggiesSoooo Cool

  • Street Legal
    street legal

    Capable of going speeds of up to 50 mph, our buggies are street legal on any road other than a highway.

  • 4 Wheel Drive
    4 wheel drive

    Our buggies have FULL 4x4 with locking differentials. Hit the trails in confidence.

  • Fuel Efficient
    fuel efficient

    Our buggies are extremely fuel efficient getting around 200 miles on their petite 5 gallon tank!

  • Radio, Bluetooth and MP3 Player

    You can catch local radio channels, use our MP3 player with personally selected tunes, or use Bluetooth capability on our premium sound buggy to play your favorite music on the open road

  • Go Pro Hero 4 Available
    Go PRo’s

    Want to document every thrilling moment of your journey? We’ve got you covered, be sure to add a go pro to your rental and take the memories with you even after your adventure.

  • Surfboards

    Don’t forget to fit in like a local and rent one of our house boards for the day…every pro has to catch at least one wave on the North Shore.

Aloha Dune Buggy

The Best Sites to see

North Shore Attraction Map by ADB
Frequently Asked Questions

Get The Answers To The most common questions

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Who Can Drive The Buggy?

You must be at least 25 years old to be a driver of our fun little buggies. For the Electric Hummers, the following does not apply. For the Gas Dune Buggies, YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO OPERATE A 5-speed manual transmission, as all of our gas buggies are manuals.

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What Is Required To Rent?

We are so excited you would like to experience the Island Aloha Style. We do require that you provide a valid drivers license to operate a motor vehicle. In addition, you must have a matching debit/credit card to pay for your rental. Lastly, all rentals must purchase insurance that covers you and the buggies for a fee of $15 (will be shown at checkout).

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Do You Provide Transportation To Your Location?

We have found it is more popular (and cost effective) for our customers to drive out to our location or catch the city bus. However, if you choose to add transportation (provided by a third party vendor) to your rental, it can be added at an additional cost during checkout.

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Can I Rent For Multiple Days?

In general we do not allow overnight rentals,however you may rent for multiple days, but the buggies must be returned by closing hours. If you have a special request, please click "Got Questions" below.

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Do You Offer Any Discounts For Locals Or Military?

We LOVE our locals and military. We offer a 10% discount with valid state or military ID. Identification will be required at the time of rental. Discounts will be given at the time of your rental when you check in.

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How Many People Will The Buggy Seat?

Our buggies are two seaters. If you have more than two people in your party we are happy to rent out multiple buggies.

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Can Children Ride In The Buggy?

Absolutely! As long as your Keiki (Child) can ride without a car seat then they are welcome to ride.

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What Happens If It Rains?

We are in Hawaii so there is a good chance it can rain on any given day. Generally the rain will come and go fairly quickly but we can provide a soft cover for the buggy that can be taken with you on rainy days. It is easy to throw on to protect you from light showers.

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Are The Buggies Safe?

YES. The buggies are street legal so they meet or exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and have most features of a car. They have seat belts, blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers, horns, roll bars, etc.

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