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An experienced and friendly team, speedy delivery, and concise, easy-to-edit Bootstrap HTML code. Do you need jQuery animations, custom forms, .scss or .less files? No problem! Building responsive Bootstrap templates has never been easier.

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    * Fixed price covers pages that take 10 hours of development max.
    More complex ones are going to be quoted $35 per an extra hour.

    What is PSD to Bootstrap?

    Going responsive has never been easier

    When you submit your Photoshop ("PSD") for a Twitter Bootstrap HTML
    code conversion, you receive pixel-perfect Bootstrap HTML and CSS code from
    The Site Slinger. Twitter Bootstrap is a great framework to build applications
    that are easy and clean to maintain with robust functionality.

    Step 1

    Bootstrap Design Review

    First, one of our expert front-end developers reviews your design files to make sure that all of the necessary design elements are included in the PSD designs and that your designs are compatible with Twitter Bootstrap. We will review each page of your designs to make sure you have included all of the necessary elements for a PSD to Bootstrap conversion, including designs for each page of markup you want to see, any hover states, dropdowns, tooltips, sliders, lightboxes, modal popups, form validations, and any other interactive elements that are present in the HTML page. After your PSD designs have been reviewed by a developer you are ready for a quote. Each project is priced on a per page basis, with one PSD file for each HTML file you want to receive. Remember, for a project to be responsive we always require 3 design states, desktop, tablet, and mobile.

    Step 2

    Expert Bootstrap Developers Code HTML and CSS

    Once your project is reviewed and development has begun, one of our front-end web developers is beginning the process of hand-coding your designs into the Bootstrap framework. All design elements, including positioning, colors, images, fonts, font sizes, line-heights come from the layers in the PSD design and are converted into HTML code. Our experienced developers go through your PSD file layer by layer to make sure that it is a pixel perfect match to your designs. We always do our best to use as much native Bootstrap code as possible so that your HTML is easily extended into your application.

    Step 3

    Bootstrap jQuery Animations

    Once we have coded the initial Bootstrap HTML and CSS, we are able to code the Bootstrap jQuery for your project. We support all of the Bootstrap jQuery plugins with your PSD to Bootstrap development. These animations include any interactions on the page, from drop-down menus to modal popups. These are taken from different grouped layers in the PSD design, typically with on/off states for each element with an animation or interaction.

    Step 4

    Quality Inspection and Final Delivery of your HTML

    After the jQuery animation elements are coded, your PSD to Bootstrap HTML conversion is complete! You now have Bootstrap HTML and CSS code for your project. Hooray!

    Do you use Sass or Less?

    We are experts at coding with these industry leading CSS extensions, so we can optionally deliver the .scss or .less files to you, too. Since Bootstrap's source code utilizes these two most popular CSS preprocessors, it's a great option!

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    Dan Loewenherz

    Working with The Site Slinger was a great experience from start to finish. They nailed everything in our designs and the markup was superb. I'd highly recommend hiring them for your next PSD to HTML project.

    Dan Loewenherz
    Michael Judkins

    We use The Site Slinger when we need Photoshop web designs coded to pixel perfection. They always deliver quality work on time. I highly recommend Them.

    Michael Judkins
    Patrick Beeson

    SiteSlinger delivered us a responsive front-end under a tight deadline with superb communication and follow-up. It was as if we doubled our team at a fraction of the cost!

    Patrick Beeson
    Deanna Herron

    The Site Slinger did a Rockstar job developing our website. The coding was in perfect harmony. They stayed on schedule and while keeping their professionalism, they were exciting to work with.

    Deanna Herron
    Bart Caylor

    I have been impressed with SiteSlinger with the projects I have done. I know that I'll get top-quality coding at an affordable price. I also appreciate how much communication I get. They are an extension of our team!

    Bart Caylor
    Samantha Corcoran

    Always a great experience with TheSiteSlinger! These guys know how to code and get things done. I'm continually impressed with the outcome and attention to detail.

    Samantha Corcoran
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